# Third-Party Dependency Vendoring

For Teaclave, since all SGX/enclave dependencies are part of trusted computing base (TCB), in order to ease auditing, ensure product stability, as well as reduce the possibility of the supply chain attack, all TEE dependencies should be vendored. Then during the build process, both the untrusted (i.e., the app part) and trusted components (i.e., the enclave part) will only consume packages from this designated repository and will not download any code from external package registry such as crates.io. The vendoring of Rust crates are not done here for development ease but are recommended for production use.

Basically, we have these submodules:

  • rust-sgx-sdk: Teaclave SGX SDK for standard libraries and Rust bindings of SGX libraries.
  • webassembly-micro-runtime: A sandboxed runtime to execute(interpret) WebAssembly bytecode.
Last Updated: 5/9/2023, 3:44:20 AM