# Teaclave Command Line Tool

The Teaclave command line tool (teaclave_cli) provides utilities to interactive with the platform. The command line tool has several sub-commands:

  • encrypt/decrypt: These two subcommands are to encrypt/decrypt data used on the platform. Supported algorithms include AES-GCM (128bit and 256 bit), and Teaclave File (128bit).
  • verify: Verify the signatures of the enclave info (which contains MRSIGNER and MRENCLAVE) signed by auditors with their public keys. The enclave info is used for remote attestation, Please verify it before connecting the platform with the client SDK.
  • attest: Establish an attested TLS with one of the Teaclave services and get an attestation report, validate it with attestation service's cert and display the report details.

# Encrypt/Decrypt

Here are two examples to encrypt and decrypt files with the CLI.

$ ./teaclave_cli encrypt \
    --algorithm teaclave-file-128 \
    --key 00000000000000000000000000FF1234 \
    --input-file ${FILE} \
    --output-file ${ENCRYPTED_FILE} \

$ ./teaclave_cli decrypt \
    --algorithm teaclave-file-128 \
    --key 00000000000000000000000000FF1234 \
    --input-file ${ENCRYPTED_FILE} \
    --output-file ${DECRYPTED_FILE}

# Verify

Here is an example to verify auditors' signatures of the enclave info file.

$ ./teaclave_cli verify \
    --enclave-info ../examples/enclave_info.toml \
    --public-keys $(find ../examples -name "*.public.pem") \
    --signatures $(find ../examples -name "*.sign.sha256")
Verify successfully.

# Attest

Here is an example to display the attestation report from a Teaclave service.

$ ./teaclave_cli attest --address accvm-dev:7776 --as-ca-cert ../../keys/ias_root_ca_cert.pem
Report Freshness: 1854s
SGX Quote status: SwHardeningNeeded
Version and signature/key type: Version 2, EPID Linkable signature
GID or reserved: 3014
Security version of the QE: 11
Security version of the PCE: 10
ID of the QE vendor: 00000000-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX
Custom user-defined data (hex): 75b6024c00000000000000000000000000000000
CPU version (hex): 0f0f0305ff8006000000000000000000
SSA Frame extended feature set: 0
Attributes of the enclave (hex): 07000000000000000700000000000000
Enclave measurement (hex): eadeb5537962d2451a8619fb6a4b10b72f56479e0b7db0bb9c3f5edc143ca6eb
Hash of the enclave singing key (hex): 83d719e77deaca1470f6baf62a4d774303c899db69020f9c70ee1dfc08c7ce9e
Enclave product ID: 0
Security version of the enclave: 0
The value of REPORT (hex): 317cb5c0d9a26747a08833e51bac8ca2ce814aa362c8cd0e2672fdcb6bfee77b9ba32ed7d605778aa52b9f2d2ce698f83ec49e6beecb89c684d861bb078d7dc2
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