Apache Teaclave (incubating)

an open source universal secure computing platform, making computation on privacy-sensitive data safe and simple

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Secure and Attestable

Teaclave adopts multiple security technologies to enable secure computing, in particular, Teaclave uses Intel SGX to serve the most security-sensitive tasks with hardware-based isolation, memory encryption and attestation. Also, Teaclave is written in Rust to prevent memory-safety issues.


Teaclave is a function-as-a-service platform supports tasks like privacy-preserving machine learning, private set intersection, and crypto computation. In addition, developers can also write and execute Python function. Teaclave supports both general secure computing tasks and flexible multi-party secure computation.

Ease of Use

Teaclave builds its components in containers, therefore, it supports deployment both locally and within cloud infrastructures. Teaclave also provides convenient endpoint APIs, client SDKs and command line tools.


Components in Teaclave are designed in modular, and some like remote attestation can be easily embedded in other projects. In addition, Teaclave SGX SDK can also be used separately to write standalone SGX enclaves for other purposes.