# Contributors

Teaclave adopts The Apache Way. Everyone is more than welcome to contribute and make the project better.

# Mentors

Teaclave is now part of the Apache Incubator. We are fortunate to have the following mentors.

  • Felix Cheung
  • Furkan Kamaci
  • Jianyong Dai
  • Luciano Resende (Retired)
  • Matt Sicker
  • Zhijie Shen

# Committers

Committers are people who have made substantial contribution to the project and being active. In committers, the role of Podling Project Management Committee (PPMC) is to help to govern the project and is directly responsible for the oversight of Teaclave. Please contact the community if you'd like to become a member of regular committers or PPMC of Teaclave.

# Contributors

Teaclave is a community project and is very thankful for the many community contributions it receives.

List of external contributors of Teaclave, Teaclave SGX SDK, and Teaclave TrustZone SDK (in alphabetical order):

More people tracked in GitHub:

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