# Function Executors

Function executor is one of the core component in a FaaS platform to provide execution runtime for running user-defined functions. In Teaclave, we aim to provide safe, secure and versatile function executors, which can guarantee the confidentiality of security-sensitive data during computation, and also support functions written in different languages. In addition, we are working hard to achieve better security guarantees such as memory safety.

In Teaclave, there are three executors to native, Python, and WebAssembly functions.

  • Builtin Executor: There are many useful built-in functions which are statically compiled with Teaclave. Normally, these built-in functions are implemented in Rust, and can provide better (native) performance. The Builtin executor is to dispatch function invocation requests to corresponding built-in function implementations.
  • MesaPy Executor: The MesaPy executor provides a Python interpreter in SGX. User-defined Python functions can be executed in the MesaPy executor. The executor also provides interfaces to fetch and store data through the runtime.
  • WAMR Executor: WebAssembly Micro Runtime (WAMR) is integrated into Teaclave to provide a interpreter for WebAssembly bytecode. Please refer to the WebAssembly Executor Document for more details on its usage.

To add a new executor, you can implement the TeaclaveExecutor trait (basically implement the execute function). Then, register the executor in the Teaclave worker. At last, the execution service will dispatch functions to the specific executor.

Last Updated: 6/29/2021, 2:08:31 AM