[][src]Struct sgx_tstd::io::Stdin

pub struct Stdin { /* fields omitted */ }

A handle to the standard input stream of a process.

Each handle is a shared reference to a global buffer of input data to this process. A handle can be lock'd to gain full access to BufRead methods (e.g., .lines()). Reads to this handle are otherwise locked with respect to other reads.

This handle implements the Read trait, but beware that concurrent reads of Stdin must be executed with care.

Created by the io::stdin method.

Note: Windows Portability Consideration

When operating in a console, the Windows implementation of this stream does not support non-UTF-8 byte sequences. Attempting to read bytes that are not valid UTF-8 will return an error.


impl Stdin[src]

pub fn lock(&self) -> StdinLock<'_>[src]

Locks this handle to the standard input stream, returning a readable guard.

The lock is released when the returned lock goes out of scope. The returned guard also implements the Read and BufRead traits for accessing the underlying data.

pub fn read_line(&self, buf: &mut String) -> Result<usize>[src]

Locks this handle and reads a line of input, appending it to the specified buffer.

For detailed semantics of this method, see the documentation on BufRead::read_line.

Trait Implementations

impl AsRawFd for Stdin[src]

impl Debug for Stdin[src]

impl Read for Stdin[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Stdin

impl Send for Stdin

impl Sync for Stdin

impl Unpin for Stdin

impl UnwindSafe for Stdin

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