[][src]Struct sgx_tstd::io::IntoInnerError

pub struct IntoInnerError<W>(_, _);

An error returned by into_inner which combines an error that happened while writing out the buffer, and the buffered writer object which may be used to recover from the condition.


impl<W> IntoInnerError<W>[src]

pub fn error(&self) -> &Error[src]

Returns the error which caused the call to into_inner() to fail.

This error was returned when attempting to write the internal buffer.

pub fn into_inner(self) -> W[src]

Returns the buffered writer instance which generated the error.

The returned object can be used for error recovery, such as re-inspecting the buffer.

Trait Implementations

impl<W: Debug> Debug for IntoInnerError<W>[src]

impl<W> Display for IntoInnerError<W>[src]

impl<W: Send + Debug> Error for IntoInnerError<W>[src]

impl<W> From<IntoInnerError<W>> for Error[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<W> !RefUnwindSafe for IntoInnerError<W>

impl<W> Send for IntoInnerError<W> where
    W: Send

impl<W> Sync for IntoInnerError<W> where
    W: Sync

impl<W> Unpin for IntoInnerError<W> where
    W: Unpin

impl<W> !UnwindSafe for IntoInnerError<W>

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type Error = Infallible

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