Teaclave Meetup #1

January 28, 2021 · Mingshen Sun

We just finished the first public virtual meetup. Around 11 people from the community show up in the virtual meetup. Thanks for attending the meetup.

Teaclave Meetup #1

For people who were not available at this time, here is a short summary:

# Schedule

  • Recent Update and Roadmap in 2021 by Mingshen Sun (40 minutes)
  • Q&A and free discussion (20 minutes)

# Recent Updates of Teaclave

  • Teaclave TrustZone SDK donation
  • Rust/C client SDK
  • GitHub Actions, GitHub Issue templates
  • GSoC call for proposals
  • Teaclave meetup call for speakers

# 2021 Objectives of Teaclave Projects

  • Teaclave FaaS Platform: The best platform for secure computing applications. The most influential open source project in the secure computing community.
  • Teaclave SGX SDK: Keep the leading position in SGX SDK. Healthy and sustainable community.
  • Teaclave TrustZone SDK: Become a mature project for developing TrustZone applications.
  • MesaPy for SGX (not in ASF, but related with Teaclave): Mature Python scripting VM for SGX. More versatile scenarios: data analytics, machine learning, and smart contract.

# Project Release Timeline

  • Release Teaclave SGX SDK's Apache official release (Q1, Q3)
  • Regular releases of Teaclave FaaS Platform (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)
  • Teaclave TrustZone SDK Apache donation (Q1)
  • Teaclave TrustZone SDK apache official release (Q2)
  • MesaPy for SGX Apache donation (Q2)
  • MesaPy for SGX Apache official release (Q3)

# Community Activities

  • Regular meetup (monthly)
  • Annually Teaclave workshop (H2)
  • Blogs (monthly)

# To-do List

  • [RFC] Roadmap in 2021: Project Maturity and Community Buildup (https://github.com/apache/incubator-teaclave/issues/460)

At last, thanks for attending this meetup. I'll continue to drive this meetup and make it a monthly activity for the community. If you want to speak in the next time, please post your proposed topic in the mailing list. I'll help you to schedule the time.