[][src]Struct regex_syntax::Parser

pub struct Parser { /* fields omitted */ }

A convenience parser for regular expressions.

This parser takes as input a regular expression pattern string (the "concrete syntax") and returns a high-level intermediate representation (the HIR) suitable for most types of analysis. In particular, this parser hides the intermediate state of producing an AST (the "abstract syntax"). The AST is itself far more complex than the HIR, so this parser serves as a convenience for never having to deal with it at all.

If callers have more fine grained use cases that need an AST, then please see the ast::parse module.

A Parser can be configured in more detail via a ParserBuilder.


impl Parser[src]

pub fn new() -> Parser[src]

Create a new parser with a default configuration.

The parser can be run with parse method. The parse method returns a high level intermediate representation of the given regular expression.

To set configuration options on the parser, use ParserBuilder.

pub fn parse(&mut self, pattern: &str) -> Result<Hir>[src]

Parse the regular expression into a high level intermediate representation.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Parser[src]

impl Debug for Parser[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Parser

impl Send for Parser

impl !Sync for Parser

impl Unpin for Parser

impl UnwindSafe for Parser

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