[][src]Trait serde_json::value::Index

pub trait Index: Sealed { }

A type that can be used to index into a serde_json::Value.

The get and get_mut methods of Value accept any type that implements Index, as does the square-bracket indexing operator. This trait is implemented for strings which are used as the index into a JSON map, and for usize which is used as the index into a JSON array.

This trait is sealed and cannot be implemented for types outside of serde_json.


let data = json!({ "inner": [1, 2, 3] });

// Data is a JSON map so it can be indexed with a string.
let inner = &data["inner"];

// Inner is a JSON array so it can be indexed with an integer.
let first = &inner[0];

assert_eq!(first, 1);

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Index for String[src]

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impl Index for str[src]

impl Index for usize[src]

impl<'a, T: ?Sized> Index for &'a T where
    T: Index

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