[][src]Trait rustls::StoresClientSessions

pub trait StoresClientSessions: Send + Sync {
    fn put(&self, key: Vec<u8>, value: Vec<u8>) -> bool;
fn get(&self, key: &[u8]) -> Option<Vec<u8>>; }

A trait for the ability to store client session data. The keys and values are opaque.

Both the keys and values should be treated as highly sensitive data, containing enough key material to break all security of the corresponding session.

put is a mutating operation; this isn't expressed in the type system to allow implementations freedom in how to achieve interior mutability. Mutex is a common choice.

Required methods

fn put(&self, key: Vec<u8>, value: Vec<u8>) -> bool

Stores a new value for key. Returns true if the value was stored.

fn get(&self, key: &[u8]) -> Option<Vec<u8>>

Returns the latest value for key. Returns None if there's no such value.

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impl StoresClientSessions for ClientSessionMemoryCache[src]

impl StoresClientSessions for NoClientSessionStorage[src]

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