[][src]Struct rustls::ResolvesServerCertUsingSNI

pub struct ResolvesServerCertUsingSNI { /* fields omitted */ }

Something that resolves do different cert chains/keys based on client-supplied server name (via SNI).


impl ResolvesServerCertUsingSNI[src]

pub fn new() -> ResolvesServerCertUsingSNI[src]

Create a new and empty (ie, knows no certificates) resolver.

pub fn add(&mut self, name: &str, ck: CertifiedKey) -> Result<(), TLSError>[src]

Add a new sign::CertifiedKey to be used for the given SNI name.

This function fails if name is not a valid DNS name, or if it's not valid for the supplied certificate, or if the certificate chain is syntactically faulty.

Trait Implementations

impl ResolvesServerCert for ResolvesServerCertUsingSNI[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for ResolvesServerCertUsingSNI

impl Send for ResolvesServerCertUsingSNI

impl Sync for ResolvesServerCertUsingSNI

impl Unpin for ResolvesServerCertUsingSNI

impl !UnwindSafe for ResolvesServerCertUsingSNI

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