[][src]Struct regex_syntax::ast::parse::Parser

pub struct Parser { /* fields omitted */ }

A regular expression parser.

This parses a string representation of a regular expression into an abstract syntax tree. The size of the tree is proportional to the length of the regular expression pattern.

A Parser can be configured in more detail via a ParserBuilder.


impl Parser[src]

pub fn new() -> Parser[src]

Create a new parser with a default configuration.

The parser can be run with either the parse or parse_with_comments methods. The parse methods return an abstract syntax tree.

To set configuration options on the parser, use ParserBuilder.

pub fn parse(&mut self, pattern: &str) -> Result<Ast, Error>[src]

Parse the regular expression into an abstract syntax tree.

pub fn parse_with_comments(
    &mut self,
    pattern: &str
) -> Result<WithComments, Error>

Parse the regular expression and return an abstract syntax tree with all of the comments found in the pattern.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Parser[src]

impl Debug for Parser[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Parser

impl Send for Parser

impl !Sync for Parser

impl Unpin for Parser

impl UnwindSafe for Parser

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