[][src]Struct rand_core::OsRng

pub struct OsRng;

A random number generator that retrieves randomness from from the operating system.

This is a zero-sized struct. It can be freely constructed with OsRng.

The implementation is provided by the getrandom crate. Refer to getrandom documentation for details.

This struct is only available when specifying the crate feature getrandom or std. When using the rand lib, it is also available as rand::rngs::OsRng.

Blocking and error handling

It is possible that when used during early boot the first call to OsRng will block until the system's RNG is initialised. It is also possible (though highly unlikely) for OsRng to fail on some platforms, most likely due to system mis-configuration.

After the first successful call, it is highly unlikely that failures or significant delays will occur (although performance should be expected to be much slower than a user-space PRNG).

Usage example

use rand_core::{RngCore, OsRng};

let mut key = [0u8; 16];
OsRng.fill_bytes(&mut key);
let random_u64 = OsRng.next_u64();

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for OsRng[src]

impl Copy for OsRng[src]

impl CryptoRng for OsRng[src]

impl Debug for OsRng[src]

impl Default for OsRng[src]

impl RngCore for OsRng[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for OsRng

impl Send for OsRng

impl Sync for OsRng

impl Unpin for OsRng

impl UnwindSafe for OsRng

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