[][src]Struct openssl::ec::Asn1Flag

pub struct Asn1Flag(_);

Named Curve or Explicit

This type acts as a boolean as to whether the EcGroup is named or explicit.


impl Asn1Flag[src]

pub const EXPLICIT_CURVE: Asn1Flag[src]

Curve defined using polynomial parameters

Most applications use a named EC_GROUP curve, however, support is included to explicitly define the curve used to calculate keys This information would need to be known by both endpoint to make communication effective.

OPENSSL_EC_EXPLICIT_CURVE, but that was only added in 1.1. Man page documents that 0 can be used in older versions.

OpenSSL documentation at EC_GROUP

pub const NAMED_CURVE: Asn1Flag[src]

Standard Curves

Curves that make up the typical encryption use cases. The collection of curves are well known but extensible.

OpenSSL documentation at EC_GROUP

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Asn1Flag[src]

impl Copy for Asn1Flag[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Asn1Flag

impl Send for Asn1Flag

impl Sync for Asn1Flag

impl Unpin for Asn1Flag

impl UnwindSafe for Asn1Flag

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