[][src]Struct mime::Mime

pub struct Mime { /* fields omitted */ }

A parsed mime or media type.


impl Mime[src]

pub fn type_(&self) -> Name[src]

Get the top level media type for this Mime.


let mime = mime::TEXT_PLAIN;
assert_eq!(mime.type_(), "text");
assert_eq!(mime.type_(), mime::TEXT);

pub fn subtype(&self) -> Name[src]

Get the subtype of this Mime.


let mime = mime::TEXT_PLAIN;
assert_eq!(mime.subtype(), "plain");
assert_eq!(mime.subtype(), mime::PLAIN);

pub fn suffix(&self) -> Option<Name>[src]

Get an optional +suffix for this Mime.


let svg = "image/svg+xml".parse::<mime::Mime>().unwrap();
assert_eq!(svg.suffix(), Some(mime::XML));
assert_eq!(svg.suffix().unwrap(), "xml");


pub fn get_param<'a, N>(&'a self, attr: N) -> Option<Name<'a>> where
    N: PartialEq<Name<'a>>, 

Look up a parameter by name.


let mime = mime::TEXT_PLAIN_UTF_8;
assert_eq!(mime.get_param(mime::CHARSET), Some(mime::UTF_8));
assert_eq!(mime.get_param("charset").unwrap(), "utf-8");

let mime = "multipart/form-data; boundary=ABCDEFG".parse::<mime::Mime>().unwrap();
assert_eq!(mime.get_param(mime::BOUNDARY).unwrap(), "ABCDEFG");

pub fn params<'a>(&'a self) -> Params<'a>[src]

Returns an iterator over the parameters.

pub fn essence_str(&self) -> &str[src]

Return a &str of the Mime's "essence".

Trait Implementations

impl AsRef<str> for Mime[src]

impl Clone for Mime[src]

impl Debug for Mime[src]

impl Display for Mime[src]

impl Eq for Mime[src]

impl FromStr for Mime[src]

type Err = FromStrError

The associated error which can be returned from parsing.

impl Hash for Mime[src]

impl Ord for Mime[src]

impl<'a> PartialEq<&'a str> for Mime[src]

impl PartialEq<Mime> for Mime[src]

impl<'a> PartialEq<Mime> for &'a str[src]

impl PartialOrd<Mime> for Mime[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Mime

impl Send for Mime

impl Sync for Mime

impl Unpin for Mime

impl UnwindSafe for Mime

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