[][src]Struct httparse::Response

pub struct Response<'headers, 'buf: 'headers> {
    pub version: Option<u8>,
    pub code: Option<u16>,
    pub reason: Option<&'buf str>,
    pub headers: &'headers mut [Header<'buf>],

A parsed Response.

See Request docs for explanation of optional values.


version: Option<u8>

The response version, such as HTTP/1.1.

code: Option<u16>

The response code, such as 200.

reason: Option<&'buf str>

The response reason-phrase, such as OK.

headers: &'headers mut [Header<'buf>]

The response headers.


impl<'h, 'b> Response<'h, 'b>[src]

pub fn new(headers: &'h mut [Header<'b>]) -> Response<'h, 'b>[src]

Creates a new Response using a slice of Headers you have allocated.

pub fn parse(&mut self, buf: &'b [u8]) -> Result<usize>[src]

Try to parse a buffer of bytes into this Response.

Trait Implementations

impl<'headers, 'buf: 'headers> Debug for Response<'headers, 'buf>[src]

impl<'headers, 'buf: 'headers> PartialEq<Response<'headers, 'buf>> for Response<'headers, 'buf>[src]

impl<'headers, 'buf: 'headers> StructuralPartialEq for Response<'headers, 'buf>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'headers, 'buf> RefUnwindSafe for Response<'headers, 'buf>

impl<'headers, 'buf> Send for Response<'headers, 'buf>

impl<'headers, 'buf> Sync for Response<'headers, 'buf>

impl<'headers, 'buf> Unpin for Response<'headers, 'buf> where
    'buf: 'headers, 

impl<'headers, 'buf> !UnwindSafe for Response<'headers, 'buf>

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