[][src]Trait foreign_types_shared::ForeignType

pub trait ForeignType: Sized {
    type CType;
    type Ref: ForeignTypeRef<CType = Self::CType>;
    unsafe fn from_ptr(ptr: *mut Self::CType) -> Self;
fn as_ptr(&self) -> *mut Self::CType; }

A type implemented by wrappers over foreign types.

Associated Types

type CType

The raw C type.

type Ref: ForeignTypeRef<CType = Self::CType>

The type representing a reference to this type.

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Required methods

unsafe fn from_ptr(ptr: *mut Self::CType) -> Self

Constructs an instance of this type from its raw type.

fn as_ptr(&self) -> *mut Self::CType

Returns a raw pointer to the wrapped value.

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