# Community

Welcome to the Teaclave community. Here are several ways that you can get involved.

# Mailing List

Join us on our mailing list:

  • dev@teaclave.apache.org: development related activities (issues, pull requests from GitHub) and community discussions

To subscribe, just send an email to dev-subscribe@teaclave.apache.org.

# GitHub Issues

You can also ask questions, propose features, and report bugs in Teaclave's GitHub issues. Watch the project on GitHub to receive latest updates.

# Twitter

Follow @ApacheTeaclave.

# Contributing

Teaclave is open source in The Apache Way, we aim to create a project that is maintained and owned by the community. All kinds of contributions are welcome. Read this document to learn more about how to contribute. Huge thanks to our contributors.

# Reporting a Vulnerability

We take a very active stance in eliminating security problems in Teaclave. We strongly encourage folks to report such problems to our private mailing list first (private@teaclave.apache.org), before disclosing them in a public forum.

# Organizations and Projects

Apache Teaclave (including the platform and SGX SDK) is being used and actively contributed by developers from many organizations and other open source projects. This is a community maintained list of organizations and projects using and contributing to Teaclave in alphabetical order.

# Organizations

# Projects

  • Advanca: A privacy-preserving general-purpose compute/storage infrastructure for Dapps.
  • Anonify: A blockchain-agnostic execution environment with privacy and auditability based on TEE.
  • Enigma Core: Enigma Core library. The domain: Trusted and Untrusted App in Rust.
  • Crypto.com Chain: Alpha version prototype of Crypto.com Chain.
  • Occlum: Occlum is a memory-safe, multi-process library OS for Intel SGX.
  • Phala Network: A TEE-Blockchain hybrid architecture implementing Confidential Contract on Polkadot.
  • SafeTrace: Privacy preserving voluntary COVID-19 self-reporting platform for contact tracing.
  • Secret Network: A blockchain-based, open-source protocol that lets anyone perform computations on encrypted data, bringing privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains.
  • substraTEE: Trusted Off-Chain Compute Framework for substrate blockchains.
  • Veracruz: Veracruz is a framework for defining and deploying collaborative, privacy-preserving computations amongst a group of mutually mistrusting individuals.
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