[][src]Struct teaclave_attestation::RemoteAttestation

pub struct RemoteAttestation { /* fields omitted */ }


impl RemoteAttestation[src]

pub fn new(attestation_config: Arc<AttestationConfig>) -> Self[src]

Construct a RemoteAttestation with attestation configuration.

pub fn generate_and_endorse(self) -> Result<Self>[src]

Generate a endorsed attestation report.

pub fn attested_tls_config(&self) -> Option<Arc<RwLock<AttestedTlsConfig>>>[src]

Construct a attested TLS config for TLS connection (RPC in Teaclave).

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for RemoteAttestation

impl Send for RemoteAttestation

impl Sync for RemoteAttestation

impl Unpin for RemoteAttestation

impl UnwindSafe for RemoteAttestation

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