Teaclave Meetup #10

February 24, 2022 · Mingshen Sun

# Agenda

  • Recent Updates on Teaclave - Mingshen Sun (15m)
  • Proof of Being Forgotten: Verified Privacy Protection in Confidential Computing Platform - Hongbo Chen (30m)
  • Free discussion (15m)

# Notes

Teaclave Recent Updates

  • Teaclave FaaS
    • Optimize RPC memory footprint of serde
    • Server error refactoring
    • Executor watchdog
    • Task canceling
    • APIs: list_users, delete_user, reset_user, user_change_password, disable_function
    • Optional input/output files
  • Teaclave TrustZone SDK
    • Update to OP-TEE 3.16.0 (no breaking change)
  • GSoC 2022 call for participation
  • Powered by Teaclave - P4Cleanroom: P4Cleanroom is a confidential cloud service for hosting computational biology algorithms as SaaS services on the cloud. Computational biology researchers can publish their algorithms on P4Cleanroom as a SaaS service to customers, such as researchers in pharmaceutical companies and health care institutes.

P4Cleanroom - Powered by Teclave

Proof of Being Forgotten

The talk is same with the recent talk on OC3. Video can be found at:

Q&A during the talk:

Gary: Assumption on reusing TEE sandbox?

Hongbo: No, if not reuse TEE, still has leakage.

Gary: What is Zone, is it heap?

Hongbo: No only. E.g., secrets in stack and also in general purpose registers.

Gary: How to demonstrate/show the Proof of Being Forgotten? Attestation? Enclave hash?

Mingshen: PoBF is a statically verified property. We also consider to add dynamic traces for post-mortem auditing. Combined with the enclave hash and reproducible build, we can provide the proof before the execution statically, and after the execution dynamically.

Topic for the Next Meetup

  • HyperEnclave in Ant Finance - Shuang Liu

# Attendees

  • Hongbo Chen
  • Gary
  • Ran Duan
  • He Sun
  • Ruide Zhang
  • Weijie Liu
  • Chan Zhao