Announcing Apache Teaclave (incubating) 0.2.0

March 2, 2021 · Mingshen Sun

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On behalf of the Teaclave community, I am happy to announce the second Apache Incubator release of Teaclave, 0.2.0. Teaclave is a universal secure computing platform, making computation on privacy-sensitive data safe and simple.

In 0.2.0, we focus on various components including built-in functions, SDKs in different languages, docker, command line interface, documents, etc.

# Highlights

In version 0.2.0, we added more client SDKs in different languages; Rust, C, and even Swift. In Teaclave Meetup #2, we introduced the design of client SDKs. Basically, we are using JSON serialization/deserialization to make the interface simple and easy to work on.

Teaclave Client SDKs

# 0.2.0 Release Notes

Specifically, we have following updates:

# Functions

  • Add the builtin PCA (Principal Component Analysis) function
  • Add the exposed password checking built-in function (#447)


  • Add Rust client SDK (#455)
  • Add C client SDK and examples (#470)
  • Add Swift SDK (iOS framework)
  • Change CMAC format from string to bytes array

# Docker

  • Add a teaclave-file-servicecontainer to the docker compose file to help run the examples (#446)
  • Fix sim mode docker compose file (#462)


  • [cli] Add the attest subcommand to display attestation report from the remote Teaclave service

# Documents

  • [docs] Add permalink for codebase's README (#428)
  • [docs] Add document of Deploying Teaclave on Azure Confidential Computing Virtual Machines

# Bug Fixes

  • [binder] Add checks and test case for input/output buffer. (#423)

# Misc

  • Start to use GitHub Action (#473)
  • Add GitHub issue templates (#476)
  • Document polishing

# Download

Teaclave 0.2.0 can be downloaded at the download page. Note that it is essential to verify the integrity of the downloaded file using the PGP signature (the .asc file) or a hash (the .sha256 file).

# Documentation

If it is the first time to try Teaclave, we provide a simple but clear tutorial to guide you getting stated with Teaclave by invoking your first function in Teaclave.

Basically, you can build the Teaclave platform using docker with these commands:

$ cd incubator-teaclave
$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/teaclave -w /teaclave \
  -it teaclave/teaclave-build-ubuntu-1804-sgx-2.9.1:latest \
   bash -c ". /root/.cargo/env && \
     . /opt/sgxsdk/environment && \
     mkdir -p build && cd build && \
     cmake -DTEST_MODE=ON .. && \

Launch all services with docker-compose using simulation mode:

$ (cd docker && docker-compose -f docker-compose-ubuntu-1804-sgx-sim-mode.yml up --build)

And invoke function with a Python client:

$ cd examples/python
$ PYTHONPATH=../../sdk/python python3 'Hello, Teaclave!'
[+] registering user
[+] login
[+] registering function
[+] creating task
[+] approving task
[+] invoking task
[+] getting result
[+] done
[+] function return:  b'Hello, Teaclave!'

If you want to understand the internals of Teaclave, we provide several documents about the design of Teaclave. Also, we extensively document our codebase in each sub directories. At last, API references are automatically generated and uploaded to our homepage.