The Teaclave Secure Computing Ecosystem - Projects Powered by Teaclave

December 9, 2020 · Mingshen Sun

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Apache Teaclave (incubating) is an open source universal secure computing platform, making computation on privacy-sensitive data safe and simple. With hardware-based security capabilities (e.g., Intel SGX), Teaclave enables sensitive data to be circulated and processed under security control, even in off-site and offshore environments, without being compromised or misused. By providing muti-party interfaces, Teaclave can help to "bridge the data islands" within/among organizations and companies.

# Highlights

In a nutshell, Teaclave have these four highlights:

  • Secure and Attestable: Teaclave adopts multiple security technologies to enable secure computing, in particular, Teaclave uses Intel SGX to serve the most security-sensitive tasks with hardware-based isolation, memory encryption and attestation. Also, Teaclave is written in Rust to prevent memory-safety issues.
  • Function-as-a-Service: Teaclave is a function-as-a-service platform supports tasks like privacy-preserving machine learning, private set intersection, and crypto computation. In addition, developers can also write and execute Python function. Teaclave supports both general secure computing tasks and flexible multi-party secure computation.
  • Ease of Use: Teaclave builds its components in containers, therefore, it supports deployment both locally and within cloud infrastructures. Teaclave also provides convenient endpoint APIs, client SDKs and command line tools.
  • Flexibility: Components in Teaclave are designed in modular, and some like remote attestation can be easily embedded in other projects. In addition, Teaclave SGX SDK can also be used separately to write standalone SGX enclaves for other purposes.

Secure Computing and Intel SGX

# Teaclave Ecosystem

Teaclave provides an open ecosystem in the Apache Way to various parties like project developers, platform users, service providers, first/third-party library users. In a border view, the Teaclave community aims to support commercial products, academic research projects, teaching platform, and other open source projects powered by Teaclave.

Due to the importance of porting, maintaining, auditing of third-party libraries in the trusted computing environments, we maintains hundreds of Rust's libraries for TEE, e.g., crypto, scientific computation, and machine learning libraries. With these libraries around the Teaclave ecosystem, this drives the development of other projects powered by Teaclave. Furthermore, we are also incubating many important TEE components like MesaPy for SGX, and [Rust OP-TEE TrustZone SDK]((

The Teaclave open-source ecosystem is also supporting many commercial products. For example, Baidu, as a platform service provider, has announced the MesaTEE secure computing platform, providing a secure, efficient, and extensible secure computing solution to help companies and organizations for privacy-preserving data exchange/computation.

In addition, the Teaclave ecosystem is also actively sponsoring academic research in trusted execution environment and system security like topics about security in TEE, designing of memory-safe SGX SDK, security of supply chains, etc. Many studies has been published in top-tier conferences.

# Projects powered by Teaclave

Because of the openness and flexibility of Teaclave, many projects are based on the Teaclave platforms and Teaclave SGX SDK. Here, we summarize several popular open source or commercial products powered by Teaclave. We hope more organizations and companies can come and join the ecosystem, pushing forward the boundary of data privacy and secure computation.

  • Advanca: A privacy-preserving general-purpose compute/storage infrastructure for Dapps.
  • Anonify: A blockchain-agnostic execution environment with privacy and auditability based on TEE. Anonify: A blockchain-agnostic execution environment with privacy and auditability
  • Enigma Core: Enigma Core library. The domain: Trusted and Untrusted App in Rust.
  • Chain: Alpha version prototype of Chain.
  • Occlum: Occlum is a memory-safe, multi-process library OS for Intel SGX. This project plans to join the Confidential Computing Consortium in the near future.
  • Phala Network: A TEE-Blockchain hybrid architecture implementing Confidential Contract on Polkadot.
  • SafeTrace: Privacy preserving voluntary COVID-19 self-reporting platform for contact tracing.
  • Secret Network: A blockchain-based, open-source protocol that lets anyone perform computations on encrypted data, bringing privacy to smart contracts and public Secret Network is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol that lets anyone perform computations on encrypted data, bringing privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains. blockchains.
  • substraTEE: Trusted Off-Chain Compute Framework for substrate blockchains.
  • Veracruz: Veracruz is a framework for defining and deploying collaborative, privacy-preserving computations amongst a group of mutually mistrusting individuals. This project plans to join the Confidiential Computing Consortium in the near future.

Projects powered by Teaclave

In summary, all above projects are trying to utilize capabilities from TEE, like hardware-isolation, memory encryption and remote attestation, to protect data computation or serve as trusted party. Based on Teaclave SGX SDK, some projects like Occlum and Veracruz aim to provide a more flexible TEE framework. Others like Secret Network and substraTEE want to implement a trusted node for their business logics. Also, some projects are using some common components like remote attestation libraries in their code base. Overall, the Teaclave ecosystem has empowered lots of successful projects. We have a list of projects powered by Teaclave in the community homepage.

At last, everyone are very welcome to join the Teaclave community and contribute to the secure computing ecosystem. Hope to see more users and contributors in the Teaclave community. BTW, if there are any other amazing projects I didn't mention you plan to work on, please also share with me. I'm more than happy to learn more about it.