Podling Teaclave Report - October 2020

October 12, 2020 · Mingshen Sun

# Teaclave

Teaclave is a universal secure computing platform, making computation on privacy-sensitive data safe and simple.

Teaclave has been incubating since 2019-08-20.

# Three most important unfinished issues to address before graduating:

  1. Improve project structure and documentation
  2. Grow the community (attracting more committers, contributors, users)
  3. Publish Apache releases (resolving logistics on Apache release)

# Are there any issues that the IPMC or ASF Board need to be aware of?


# How has the community developed since the last report?

Since the last report, we received contributions from a new contributor. We also received many issue reports and questions regarding the usages, bugs, and roadmap of Teaclave. Also, we presented the Teaclave project in recent ApacheCon to the community and received some useful feedback.

# How has the project developed since the last report?

The main goal of development since the last report is to resolve logistics towards the first Apache release. This includes license checking, building system improvement, documentation and write-ups. On Oct 9th, the Teaclave community and incubator has passed 0.1.0 release voting.

# How would you assess the podling's maturity?

Please feel free to add your own commentary.

  • [ ] Initial setup
  • [X] Working towards first release
  • [X] Community building
  • [ ] Nearing graduation
  • [ ] Other:

# Date of last release:


# When were the last committers or PPMC members elected?

We haven't started new committers or PPMC members elections yet. Currently, our work focuses on the first Apache release. We'll switch to community building in the next quarter. Currently, we already have potential candidates for the new PPMC members election.

# Have your mentors been helpful and responsive?

Yes. They have been helpful and very responsive for the first public release.

# Is the PPMC managing the podling's brand / trademarks?

We don't find any 3rd parties incorrectly using the podling's name and brand. The VP, Brand has approved the project name. (PODLINGNAMESEARCH-175)