[][src]Struct optee_utee::arithmetical::BigInt

pub struct BigInt(_);


impl BigInt[src]

pub fn data_ptr(&self) -> *const u32[src]

pub fn size_in_u32(size: u32) -> u32[src]

pub fn new(bits: u32) -> Self[src]

pub fn convert_from_octet_string(
    &mut self,
    buffer: &[u8],
    sign: i32
) -> Result<()>

pub fn convert_to_octet_string(&self) -> Result<Vec<u8>>[src]

pub fn convert_from_s32(&mut self, short_val: i32)[src]

pub fn convert_to_s32(&self) -> Result<i32>[src]

pub fn compare_big_int(&self, target: &Self) -> i32[src]

pub fn compare_s32(&self, target: i32) -> i32[src]

pub fn shift_right(&mut self, op: &Self, bits: usize)[src]

pub fn get_bit(&self, bit_index: u32) -> bool[src]

pub fn get_bit_count(&self) -> u32[src]

pub fn add(op1: &Self, op2: &Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn sub(op1: &Self, op2: &Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn neg(op: &Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn multiply(op1: &Self, op2: &Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn square(op: &Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn divide(op1: &Self, op2: &Self) -> (Self, Self)[src]

pub fn module(op: &Self, n: &Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn add_mod(op1: &Self, op2: &Self, n: &Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn sub_mod(op1: &Self, op2: &Self, n: &Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn mul_mod(op1: &Self, op2: &Self, n: &Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn square_mod(op: &Self, n: &Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn inv_mod(op: &Self, n: &Self) -> Self[src]

pub fn relative_prime(op1: &Self, op2: &Self) -> bool[src]

pub fn is_probable_prime(&self, confidence_level: u32) -> i32[src]

pub fn convert_from_big_int_fmm(
    &mut self,
    src: &BigIntFMM,
    n: &BigInt,
    context: BigIntFMMContext

Trait Implementations

impl Display for BigInt[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for BigInt

impl Unpin for BigInt

impl Sync for BigInt

impl RefUnwindSafe for BigInt

impl UnwindSafe for BigInt

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