[][src]Trait sgx_tstd::os::unix::prelude::OpenOptionsExt

pub trait OpenOptionsExt {
    fn mode(&mut self, mode: u32) -> &mut Self;
fn custom_flags(&mut self, flags: i32) -> &mut Self; }

Unix-specific extensions to fs::OpenOptions.

Required methods

fn mode(&mut self, mode: u32) -> &mut Self

Sets the mode bits that a new file will be created with.

If a new file is created as part of an OpenOptions::open call then this specified mode will be used as the permission bits for the new file. If no mode is set, the default of 0o666 will be used. The operating system masks out bits with the system's umask, to produce the final permissions.

fn custom_flags(&mut self, flags: i32) -> &mut Self

Pass custom flags to the flags argument of open.

The bits that define the access mode are masked out with O_ACCMODE, to ensure they do not interfere with the access mode set by Rusts options.

Custom flags can only set flags, not remove flags set by Rusts options. This options overwrites any previously set custom flags.

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impl OpenOptionsExt for OpenOptions[src]

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