[][src]Trait sgx_tstd::os::unix::prelude::AsRawFd

pub trait AsRawFd {
    fn as_raw_fd(&self) -> RawFd;

A trait to extract the raw unix file descriptor from an underlying object.

This is only available on unix platforms and must be imported in order to call the method. Windows platforms have a corresponding AsRawHandle and AsRawSocket set of traits.

Required methods

fn as_raw_fd(&self) -> RawFd

Extracts the raw file descriptor.

This method does not pass ownership of the raw file descriptor to the caller. The descriptor is only guaranteed to be valid while the original object has not yet been destroyed.

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impl AsRawFd for Stderr[src]

impl AsRawFd for Stdin[src]

impl AsRawFd for Stdout[src]

impl AsRawFd for File[src]

impl<'a> AsRawFd for StderrLock<'a>[src]

impl<'a> AsRawFd for StdinLock<'a>[src]

impl<'a> AsRawFd for StdoutLock<'a>[src]

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