[][src]Struct sgx_types::sgx_ra_msg2_t

#[repr(C)]pub struct sgx_ra_msg2_t {
    pub g_b: sgx_ec256_public_t,
    pub spid: sgx_spid_t,
    pub quote_type: uint16_t,
    pub kdf_id: uint16_t,
    pub sign_gb_ga: sgx_ec256_signature_t,
    pub mac: sgx_mac_t,
    pub sig_rl_size: uint32_t,
    pub sig_rl: [uint8_t; 0],


g_b: sgx_ec256_public_tspid: sgx_spid_tquote_type: uint16_tkdf_id: uint16_tsign_gb_ga: sgx_ec256_signature_tmac: sgx_mac_tsig_rl_size: uint32_tsig_rl: [uint8_t; 0]

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for sgx_ra_msg2_t[src]

impl ContiguousMemory for sgx_ra_msg2_t[src]

impl Copy for sgx_ra_msg2_t[src]

impl Default for sgx_ra_msg2_t[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for sgx_ra_msg2_t

impl Sync for sgx_ra_msg2_t

impl Unpin for sgx_ra_msg2_t

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