[][src]Struct sgx_rand::Open01

pub struct Open01<F>(pub F);

A wrapper for generating floating point numbers uniformly in the open interval (0,1) (not including either endpoint).

Use Closed01 for the closed interval [0,1], and the default Rand implementation for f32 and f64 for the half-open [0,1).


use sgx_rand::{random, Open01};

let Open01(val) = random::<Open01<f32>>();
println!("f32 from (0,1): {}", val);

Trait Implementations

impl<F: Debug> Debug for Open01<F>[src]

impl Rand for Open01<f64>[src]

impl Rand for Open01<f32>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<F> RefUnwindSafe for Open01<F> where
    F: RefUnwindSafe

impl<F> Send for Open01<F> where
    F: Send

impl<F> Sync for Open01<F> where
    F: Sync

impl<F> Unpin for Open01<F> where
    F: Unpin

impl<F> UnwindSafe for Open01<F> where
    F: UnwindSafe

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