[][src]Trait gif::Parameter

pub trait Parameter<Object> {
    type Result;
    fn set_param(self, _: &mut Object) -> Self::Result;

Configuration parameter trait.

Use the list of implementors to see which parameters are available for which struct.

Associated Types

type Result

Result type of set_param.

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Required methods

fn set_param(self, _: &mut Object) -> Self::Result

Sets self as a parameter of Object.

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impl Parameter<StreamingDecoder> for Extensions[src]

type Result = ()

impl<R: Read> Parameter<Decoder<R>> for ColorOutput[src]

type Result = ()

impl<R: Read> Parameter<Decoder<R>> for MemoryLimit[src]

type Result = ()

impl<T, R> Parameter<Decoder<R>> for T where
    T: Parameter<StreamingDecoder>,
    R: Read

type Result = ()

impl<W: Write> Parameter<Encoder<W>> for Repeat[src]

type Result = Result<(), Error>

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