[][src]Struct gif::StreamingDecoder

pub struct StreamingDecoder { /* fields omitted */ }

GIF decoder which supports streaming


impl StreamingDecoder[src]

pub fn new() -> StreamingDecoder[src]

Creates a new streaming decoder

pub fn update<'a>(
    &'a mut self,
    buf: &[u8]
) -> Result<(usize, Decoded<'a>), DecodingError>

Updates the internal state of the decoder.

Returns the number of bytes consumed from the input buffer and the last decoding result.

pub fn last_ext(&self) -> (u8, &[u8], bool)[src]

Returns the data of the last extension that has been decoded.

pub fn current_frame_mut<'a>(&'a mut self) -> &'a mut Frame<'static>[src]

Current frame info as a mutable ref.

pub fn current_frame<'a>(&'a self) -> &'a Frame<'static>[src]

Current frame info as a ref.

pub fn width(&self) -> u16[src]

Width of the image

pub fn height(&self) -> u16[src]

Height of the image

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for StreamingDecoder[src]

impl Parameter<StreamingDecoder> for Extensions[src]

type Result = ()

Result type of set_param.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for StreamingDecoder

impl Send for StreamingDecoder

impl Sync for StreamingDecoder

impl Unpin for StreamingDecoder

impl UnwindSafe for StreamingDecoder

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