[][src]Enum gif::ExtensionData

pub enum ExtensionData {
    Control {
        flags: u8,
        delay: u16,
        trns: u8,

Extension data.



Control extension. Use ExtensionData::new_control_ext to construct.

Fields of Control

flags: u8


delay: u16

Frame delay.

trns: u8

Transparent index.


Sets the number of repetitions


impl ExtensionData[src]

pub fn new_control_ext(
    delay: u16,
    dispose: DisposalMethod,
    needs_user_input: bool,
    trns: Option<u8>
) -> ExtensionData

Constructor for control extension data.

delay is given in units of 10 ms.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ExtensionData

impl Send for ExtensionData

impl Sync for ExtensionData

impl Unpin for ExtensionData

impl UnwindSafe for ExtensionData

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