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An implementation an encoder using DEFLATE compression algorithm in pure Rust.

This library provides functions to compress data using the DEFLATE algorithm, optionally wrapped using the zlib or gzip formats. The current implementation is still a bit lacking speed-wise compared to C-libraries like zlib and miniz.

The deflate algorithm is an older compression algorithm that is still widely used today, by e.g html headers, the .png image format, the Unix gzip program and commonly in .zip files. The zlib and gzip formats are wrappers around DEFLATE-compressed data, containing some extra metadata and a checksum to validate the integrity of the raw data.

The deflate algorithm does not perform as well as newer algorithms used in file formats such as .7z, .rar, .xz and .bz2, and is thus not the ideal choice for applications where the DEFLATE format (with or without wrappers) is not required.

Support for the gzip wrapper (the wrapper that is used in .gz files) is disabled by default but can be enabled with the gzip feature.

As this library is still in development, the compression output may change slightly between versions.


Simple compression function:

use deflate::deflate_bytes;

let data = b"Some data";
let compressed = deflate_bytes(data);

Using a writer:

use std::io::Write;

use deflate::Compression;
use deflate::write::ZlibEncoder;

let data = b"This is some test data";
let mut encoder = ZlibEncoder::new(Vec::new(), Compression::Default);
encoder.write_all(data).expect("Write error!");
let compressed_data = encoder.finish().expect("Failed to finish compression!");



Encoders implementing a Write interface.



A struct describing the options for a compressor or compression function.



An enum describing the level of compression to be used by the encoder


An enum describing whether we use lazy or greedy matching.


Enum allowing some special options (not implemented yet)!



Compress the given slice of bytes with DEFLATE compression using the default compression level.


Compress the given slice of bytes with DEFLATE compression.


Compress the given slice of bytes with DEFLATE compression, including a zlib header and trailer, using the default compression level.


Compress the given slice of bytes with DEFLATE compression, including a zlib header and trailer.