[][src]Struct tokio_tls::TlsAcceptor

pub struct TlsAcceptor(_);

A wrapper around a native_tls::TlsAcceptor, providing an async accept method.


impl TlsAcceptor[src]

pub async fn accept<S, '_>(&'_ self, stream: S) -> Result<TlsStream<S>, Error> where
    S: AsyncRead + AsyncWrite + Unpin

Accepts a new client connection with the provided stream.

This function will internally call TlsAcceptor::accept to connect the stream and returns a future representing the resolution of the connection operation. The returned future will resolve to either TlsStream<S> or Error depending if it's successful or not.

This is typically used after a new socket has been accepted from a TcpListener. That socket is then passed to this function to perform the server half of accepting a client connection.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for TlsAcceptor[src]

impl Debug for TlsAcceptor[src]

impl From<TlsAcceptor> for TlsAcceptor[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for TlsAcceptor

impl Send for TlsAcceptor

impl Sync for TlsAcceptor

impl Unpin for TlsAcceptor

impl UnwindSafe for TlsAcceptor

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