[][src]Struct syn_mid::Signature

pub struct Signature {
    pub constness: Option<Const>,
    pub asyncness: Option<Async>,
    pub unsafety: Option<Unsafe>,
    pub abi: Option<Abi>,
    pub fn_token: Fn,
    pub ident: Ident,
    pub generics: Generics,
    pub paren_token: Paren,
    pub inputs: Punctuated<FnArg, Comma>,
    pub variadic: Option<Variadic>,
    pub output: ReturnType,

A function signature in a trait or implementation: unsafe fn initialize(&self).


constness: Option<Const>asyncness: Option<Async>unsafety: Option<Unsafe>abi: Option<Abi>fn_token: Fnident: Identgenerics: Genericsparen_token: Pareninputs: Punctuated<FnArg, Comma>variadic: Option<Variadic>output: ReturnType

Trait Implementations

impl ToTokens for Signature[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Signature

impl !Send for Signature

impl !Sync for Signature

impl Unpin for Signature

impl UnwindSafe for Signature

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The type returned in the event of a conversion error.