[][src]Struct sgx_types::sgx_ql_qv_supplemental_t

#[repr(C)]pub struct sgx_ql_qv_supplemental_t {
    pub version: uint32_t,
    pub earliest_issue_date: time_t,
    pub tcb_level_date_tag: time_t,
    pub pck_crl_num: uint32_t,
    pub root_ca_crl_num: uint32_t,
    pub tcb_eval_ref_num: uint32_t,
    pub root_key_id: [uint8_t; 48],
    pub pck_ppid: sgx_key_128bit_t,
    pub tcb_cpusvn: sgx_cpu_svn_t,
    pub tcb_pce_isvsvn: sgx_isv_svn_t,
    pub pce_id: uint16_t,


version: uint32_tearliest_issue_date: time_ttcb_level_date_tag: time_tpck_crl_num: uint32_troot_ca_crl_num: uint32_ttcb_eval_ref_num: uint32_troot_key_id: [uint8_t; 48]pck_ppid: sgx_key_128bit_ttcb_cpusvn: sgx_cpu_svn_ttcb_pce_isvsvn: sgx_isv_svn_tpce_id: uint16_t

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for sgx_ql_qv_supplemental_t[src]

impl ContiguousMemory for sgx_ql_qv_supplemental_t[src]

impl Copy for sgx_ql_qv_supplemental_t[src]

impl Default for sgx_ql_qv_supplemental_t[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for sgx_ql_qv_supplemental_t

impl Sync for sgx_ql_qv_supplemental_t

impl Unpin for sgx_ql_qv_supplemental_t

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