[][src]Struct openssl::x509::extension::SubjectKeyIdentifier

pub struct SubjectKeyIdentifier { /* fields omitted */ }

An extension that provides a means of identifying certificates that contain a particular public key.


impl SubjectKeyIdentifier[src]

pub fn new() -> SubjectKeyIdentifier[src]

Construct a new SubjectKeyIdentifier extension.

pub fn critical(&mut self) -> &mut SubjectKeyIdentifier[src]

Sets the critical flag to true. The extension will be critical.

pub fn build(&self, ctx: &X509v3Context) -> Result<X509Extension, ErrorStack>[src]

Return a SubjectKeyIdentifier extension as an X509Extension.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for SubjectKeyIdentifier

impl Send for SubjectKeyIdentifier

impl Sync for SubjectKeyIdentifier

impl Unpin for SubjectKeyIdentifier

impl UnwindSafe for SubjectKeyIdentifier

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